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Do you require some work done around the house but are unsure about whether you can DIY or not? Are you looking for someone who will do the job and make sure things are done right? Spare yourself of the hassles trying to figure things out and leave all the hard work to Handyman Frankston.
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What We Do

Handyman Frankston is one of the very few handyman services in Frankston that delivers!

Throughout the entire Frankston (Frankston South included), we are recognised as one of the best service providers for home improvement with a 100% satisfaction guarantee for our clients. There is no hassle, no complications, and nothing you have to buy, just a fantastic handyman service delivered with a Done Right Promise.

We are an honest, reliable, honest and hard-working handyman service company that takes great pride in the high quality of our work.
We've grown to become one of the most reputable local handyman services in Frankston - one that is easy to deal with and also one of the most trusted! 

We offer a wide range of services, including carpentry, painting & decorating, tiling, renovating and many more. Whether you need a handyman to put up a shelf or fix your sink or a house renovation task - Handyman Frankston will be there with a smile. 

You can ask for a price quote from us on the spot! We will come to your house and give you a free quote. Other businesses will only give you free quotes over the phone or via email, and the onsite consultation is paid.

We offer 24-hour emergency service, and we're always here to help. We've got lots of experience dealing with general repairs, and we're ready to help you quickly and efficiently resolve any issue. We are passionate about providing our customers professional service and support regardless of where you are in Frankston.

Our Services

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One of the best things about Handyman Frankston is our 24-hour emergency service. This handyman service is for homeowners and business owners who have a repair or maintenance job that's too complicated or too time-consuming for them to do.

We are always on standby if you need us to fix something quickly and without any delay. All of our handymen are trained tradesmen who will perform the job with skill and speed. We do a great job of sending an expert to your front door, usually within 12 hours of receiving your call.


Handyman Frankston provides appliance repair services for all types of household appliances.

Our Handymen can fix almost any problem that you have with your washing machine, dryer, refrigerator etc. Our handymen offer a one-year warranty on all workmanship and parts supplied & installed to ensure your total satisfaction! So if anything goes wrong with the appliance in that year Handyman Frankston will come out and fix it for you FREE of charge!
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Handyman Frankston offers Carpentry & Renovation services. Our handymen can perform hundreds of different types of carpentry tasks from woodworking and cabinetry jobs, to building a new deck or pergola down to changing the bed slats in your kids' beds.

We also offer expert interior decorating services that include painting walls, ceilings and trim work, as well as wallpaper hanging if you desire! We are exceptionally well at what we do! You can't go wrong with us!


Handyman Frankston offers a comprehensive range of repairs for both doors and windows, including replacing door locks, repairing hinges, opening jammed or stuck doors/windows etc. Our Handymen can replace or repair broken window panes and screens, install new windows & glass doors etc.

All our handymen are trained to the highest standard and are extremely helpful, so you know they will do an excellent job on whatever repair work is needed.
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Our Property Maintenance Service is designed to keep your home or office running smoothly and looking good. Handyman Frankston experts can help with everything from gardening services, including lawn mowing, hedge & tree trimming, weed removal etc., through to pressure washing of outdoor areas such as driveways and paths!

We will take care of all the little jobs you may not have time for yourself. A good example would be fixing broken fences, hanging pictures, assembling furniture - even changing light bulbs in hard-to-reach places.


Our guys are experts in dealing with a wide range of installation jobs around your home or business premises. Whether you need new lights installed, cabinet, an entire bathroom redone or maybe even some structural work done – Handyman Frankston can help!

We can supply everything that's needed for the job, including all labour, tools & equipment, materials, garbage removal services (where required).
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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Hire A Handyman?

Hiring a handyman is a fantastic idea if you need something fixed or altered around your home and don't have the time, tools or skills to do it yourself. Handymen are generally very skilled tradespeople who can efficiently deal with most tasks, including plumbing, carpentry & renovations, electrical repairs etc.

Hiring a reliable & trustworthy handyman is an option worth considering for the following reasons:

Saves Time

Handymen have extensive knowledge of various kinds of repair work, so when you tell them your problem, they know and have the same tools required to fix it. It saves you from having someone look at the situation, figure out how to fix it, and then come and fix it. 

Minimal Effort

A handyman knows what he has to do and can be trusted to do it well. This means that all you have to do is call the person, tell them what the job is and pay them when they're done. It's that simple. 


Different jobs require different contractors. But why do so when you can have just one contractor for the job. As mentioned before, handymen can efficiently perform various tasks, which saves you the confusion that comes with contacting several different contractors and keeping track of them all.


Handymen get your work done in as little time as possible. This saves you a lot of time and money since most repair work is paid for on an hourly basis. Contractors are more expensive because their hourly rates are usually higher.

Expert Help

Since handymen have extensive knowledge of several different kinds of repair work, they are the best people to have on your side when you need advice. Handymen can tell from the first glance what is wrong with a room or an appliance and give good recommendations to help fix it for cheap!

Is Hiring A Handyman Safe?

Hiring any contractor usually means that you have to put your trust in them. Handymen are generally trusted more than the rest since they mostly keep it simple and don't cause any damage or harm during their work.

Handyman Frankston is a reputable company with years of experience, so our customers' safety always comes first!

Calling a handyman from our company means keeping your home and family safe. We guarantee good service every time, whether hanging pictures, fixing taps, changing light bulbs, etc. We provide quality workmanship for all repair tasks within Frankston and even home renovations at an affordable price.

What Are the Average Costs for Handyman Services?

How much does a handyman service cost? We are being asked this question quite a lot. As much as we would like to give an accurate estimate, the type of project you hire us for will be the most significant determinant of the total cost. That is regardles of whether you're working with someone who goes by an hourly or a flat rate.

Should you want to get an idea of how much your project would likely cost - contact us today at (03) 8771 4141 or fill out our Instant Quote form for a no-obligation price quote.

What Are 12 Questions You Should Ask A Handyman?

Home maintenance is something almost everyone has to do at one time or another. And sometimes, it seems like the work may be a little (or a lot) more than you can handle. 

that happens, it's natural to call a handyman. To make sure that you hire the right person for the task at hand, you need to ask the right questions and here are a few:

  • What type of work can you do?

  • Do you have local references?

  • Do you offer an hourly rate or fixed price for your services? 

  • What tools/equipment will I need to provide for the job (if anything)? 

  • Do you work on weekends & public holidays? If so, when are your available times during these days of the week?

  • Are you licensed, bonded, and fully insured?

  • How much will your project cost for both labour and materials?

  • When will the work be done?

  • Do you have a written contract?

  • Do you provide a guarantee?

  • Will you be working alone? 

  • Do you have experience in maintaining a rental property in the past?

What Are Some Helpful Tips When Working With Your Handyman?

Handyman Frankston Handymen Services are designed to provide you with peace of mind that your home or office is safe and secure. To make sure you don't end up with regrets, see to it that you do the following:

Ask for References

When you work with a handyman - ask for references from previous clients. Doing so will help you to find out if the Handyman Frankston handymen service has a good reputation in your neighbourhood.

Don't Wait

Try not to leave the issue too long before you call someone for help. Waiting around can lead to bigger problems such as blocked drains & burst pipes. When it gets worse, they will need specialist equipment/tools etc., meaning more time is required before repairs begin. 

Keep The Working Area Clutter-Free

Don't leave any clutter in the working area for Handyman Frankston Handymen because this can cause an accident or something to go missing. Doing so will make it a safer environment to work in. You will also be protecting your property from damage by tools and others that might be left on the floor and trip someone over.

Provide a Space for Electrical Fittings

If possible, allow for a space around electrical fittings so Handyshop guys can get at them without moving anything first – this will save time. However, if not allowed, our team knows how to work sensibly while still getting the job done quickly. Remember that they will be using some power tools, and these will need to be plugged in, so they may have to work around them, which could cause a little mess.

Scope the Job Before Handyman Handover

A Handyman Frankston Handymen service will not know your complete requirements when they arrive on the job, so you must scope out what needs to be done beforehand. We can then work within a budget and advise about cost-saving measures or any alternatives that you might need. 

Give Them A Key

If the Handyperson needs somewhere secure to store tools, etc., give them one of your keys. Ensuring it is only for use while your handyman is working on your property. All our handymen are courteous and will always tidy up before they leave.

Why Is Routine Property Maintenance Important?

Routine maintenance ensures that your property remains in good condition and prevents problems from developing which might be costly to fix later on down the line (such as leaking pipes).

Regular Handyman service also keeps your handyman in the area up to date with any problems and can advise you of work that needs to be done.

Our esteemed handymen in Frankston are Jacks of All Trades. They have all the necessary skills required to identify signs of wear & tear in your house accurately. Which, when left unaddressed, could result in further damage and inconvenience.

Regular maintenance ensures that all your home devices remain safe and secure, including your air conditioning unit, furnace, and roofing system.

Regular preventative upkeep is essential for keeping hazardous issues from developing inside your HVAC equipment or, even worse - going undetected until it's too late!

What Makes Us Your Best Choice?

We are a locally owned & operated company. As such, we are able to provide handyman services throughout Frankston Vic and its surrounding suburbs. We are part of a business network with solid ethics and professional service standards. We have been in business for years, and we are committed to serving homeowners with integrity, honesty, transparency, and reliability.

All of our employees embrace our standards. Given that we're locally owned, each team member goes above and beyond to serve our clients to the best of their abilities.

We deliver "One-Call Solutions" and worry-free service to all of our clients. No matter the task, our skilled, reliable, and tenured technicians have it covered. Not only that they have the highest level of craftsmanship, but they will also leave your home better than when they arrived.

What Areas Do We Service?

Having been a Frankston based company, we offer our professional handymen services to residential and commercial establishes within Frankston and its south-eastern suburbs. Notwithstanding the independent suburb of Frankston South as well as the Mornington Peninsula.

Let's Talk!

If you are out and about searching for the best handymen in Frankston - we are your best bet. We do fantastic jobs for all our clients by delivering worry-free and excellent service to all. We are licensed and insured and one of the few companies that offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

We vow to leave your home better than when he arrived, and you can always trust us with our belongings. We pay great attention to our customer's satisfaction. We'll go above and beyond to make sure you are delighted with the services we provide.

Ready to get started? Contact Us now at (03) 8771 4141 or fill out the contact form on our website for a free no-obligation price quote.

Let's Talk!

If you are out and about searching for the best handymen in Frankston - we are your best bet. We do fantastic jobs for all our clients by delivering worry-free and excellent service to all. We are licensed and insured and one of the few companies that offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

We vow to leave your home better than when he arrived, and you can always trust us with our belongings. We pay great attention to our customer's satisfaction. We'll go above and beyond to make sure you are delighted with the services we provide.

Ready to get started? Contact Us now at (00) 0000 0000 or fill out the contact form on our website for a free no-obligation price quote.
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